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Founders & Past Presidents

Past Presidents (pictures coming soon)

1950-1954   Joseph E. Martin
1954-1955   James H. Martin
1955-1956   Frank S. Blaylock
1956-1957   Margaret L. Mumma
1957-1958   Charles L. Cardwell
1958-1959   Ernest B. Zinn
1959-1961   Madeline Gibbs
1961-1964   Lucille Smelley
1964-1966   Dean Brewer
1966-1967   James H. Williams
1967-1968   Erich Wehren
1968-1971   Johnny F. Bosher
1971-1972   Joanne M. Butler
1972-1974   Elbert W. Shaw
1974-1980   Audrey P. "Mickey" Brown
1980-1992   Joseph M. "Joe" Lanzarone, Jr.
1992-2006   Albert "Al" Schneider, Sr.
2006-2007   Charlotte B. Landers
2007-2008   Letecia Sanchez
2008-2009   Forest C. "Bubba" Fenner
2009-2009   Andy J. Stevens
2009-2010   Gary L. Haun, Jr.
2010-2013   Nicholas S. "Nick" Curry
2013-2013   Johnni M. Boos
2013-2016   Shelia M. Hairfield
2016 - ?       Nicholas S. "Nick" Curry 

Charter Members
(pictures coming soon)

Joseph E. Martin
Jesse L. Musgrave
William L. Jennings
Verda P. Musgrave
Wilson Berryman, Sr.
Joseph H. Stallings
John A. Thon

In this area, I might include a link to the "Bulletin Board" page, which includes news and announcements about members.

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